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Welcome to Washington Conservatory Tapestry Music Project

The Tapestry Music was born in 2017 through a grant from the estate of Gertrude Delfino, a resident of Washington DC and Rome, Italy, born to immigrant Italian parents. Delfino’s dream was for disadvantaged children from immigrant families to have opportunities for studying music.

Delfino was raised in Pescara, Italy and was awarded degrees in economics from La Sapienza, University of Rome, as well as from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. She held various positions with the US occupying forces in Italy, working in Rome. She returned to the United States and held positions implementing the U.S. Marshall Plan in Italy, then commencing a career with IMI, Instituto Mobiliare Italiano, where she administered the Washington, DC office, and oversaw the construction of its contemporary red-brick and glass office building on DuPont Circle. She served on the Board of Trustees of the American University of Rome for thirty years.

The Washington Conservatory of Music Tapestry Music Project is currently serving over 35 children ages 3 to 5, through music classes in two locations in Montgomery County in partnership with the non-profit Montgomery Housing Partnership and 12 children ages 7-11 in partnership with CASA de Maryland.

Our dream is to build musical bridges for immigrant families through private music lessons, classes, ensembles, choirs and multi-generational music throughout the Greater DC and Maryland area.

Maryland Housing Partnership

CASA de Maryland

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